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Peter van Grieken Freelance Interaction Designer

Hi, I’m Peter. I’m a freelance interaction designer and I’m passionate about making products accessible for everyone. I founded design consultancy Frozen Rockets that has worked on award-winning design projects for clients across the globe.

Why you should hire me…

  • I design with accessibility in mind

    I’ve helped clients around the world to make their websites and application more accessible. I’ve trained teams and helped them understand accessibility and WCAG. In my design process I put accessibility front and center.

  • Content always comes first

    Design is about problem solving. It’s about addressing the users’ needs in the best ways possible. Whatever we do as designers, it’s always about the content that answers the users’ questions.

  • I know how to code

    HTML and CSS are a big part of my toolkit. Either for understanding the technology behind the designs or for bringing them to life as prototypes. I believe that in order to design for the web, you need to know the material you’re working with.

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What people are saying

Peter van Grieken is an outstanding project lead who can take on comprehensive design and development assignments, working with top developers and (graphic) designers as required to get the job done!

Maarten van den Berg, Director Marketing Communications at KIT Royal Tropical Institute

Working with Peter was an extremely positive experience for me. If you have any design & ux work that needs doing, especially with a focus on accessibility, hire this guy!

Luc Princen, Freelance developer I worked with on the redesign for KIT Royal Tropical Institute

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